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The Buried Herald

The Buried what ... ?


My name is Kamil and  The Buried Herald is a fluid project of mine intending to spread the word and unite people under the banner of the widely understood underground heavy music scene. To put it short, I listen to a lot of music, go to a lot of gigs, shoot and report on them. In the meantime, I dig through the web and share exciting thoughts and news from around the genre. Basically shining some light on what happens in the sonic underworld…

The page you’re now viewing is constantly under construction and is being regularly updated with photo galleries or blog posts. I use it interchangeably with my social media so be sure to drop by the corresponding Facebook or Instagram page as well.

Do you want me to shoot your show or any other event? I’d love to do that! I’m also available for touring, band/album shoots or portraits. Just drop me a line, tell me what’s happening and we’ll make it happen. You can reach me through my social media or by using this form.